Bootstrap 3x responsive HTML & VUE JS admin template with dark & light Themes


  Clear is the perfect bootstrap admin template which is available in two different light and dark versions. It is one of the most chosen admin template built on VueJs latest version. Clear is well known for its clean and neat code perfectly blended with all the features. Clear is sought as the best VueJs admin template due to its impressive UI which makes the clear as top bootstrap + Vuejs admin template. Clear Vue admin template is available in both light and dark versions where both are provided with all the top notch feature but varies in color.

Laravel Spark

  Clear, the best admin template is also provided with Laravel Spark version which is one of the most chosen frameworks in market right now. Clear is provided with laravel spark skin including all features of Spark which may have all advantages like Two factor authentication, subscriptions, user impersonation etc. Spark has a greatest advantage of coding where a user doesn't have a need of building a project from scratch. Hence,Clear with Laravel spark skin would be the best Vue admin template.